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Fun Tooth Fairy Tips from Your Family Dentist in Nashville

June 1, 2017

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Bring your child to visit your family dentist in Nashville.Parenting can be a balancing act when it comes to letting your child’s creativity and imagination thrive compared to realistic situations. For instance, when your child loses his or her’s first tooth, how should you approach that situation? Losing teeth are small strides towards your child growing up and their mouth developing. Believe it or not, you can balance the fun idea of a visit from the enchanted tooth fairy while still implying great oral health lessons in your child’s life. Your family dentist in Nashville can help you set tooth fairy expectations that encourage great dental care habits for your little one.


Your One-Stop Family Dentist in Nashville

February 11, 2017

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We’re the home for your family dentist in Nashville.If your family was a band, you’d be the manager. If they were an army, you’d be the general. You’re the one who keeps everything organized and makes sure everyone is taken care of, and of course, that includes their teeth as well. It’s such a pain to drive everyone to their own dentist, but they need the treatments only they can provide. Isn’t there a doctor in your area that can just treat everyone? Fortunately, your family dentist in Nashville, Dr. David Dickerson, can do exactly that. His practice is the “one-stop shop” for Nashville families, and today, we’re going to share all the things you can expect whenever you bring someone in for a visit. (more…)

Comparing Traditional Braces, Fastbraces in Nashville

January 30, 2017

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beautiful smile with fastbraces in nashvilleIf you are considering straightening your teeth but are still hesitant to wear a mouthful of metal for two years, we understand your concern — and we’ve also got good news for you. Fastbraces in Nashville are a speedy alternative to conventional orthodontics, and you can find the treatment from Dr. David Dickerson, DDS. So, how do the two treatments compare? Let’s take a closer look at traditional braces vs. Fastbraces.


Lifetime Smile Dental Plan from Nashville Dentist

October 30, 2016

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When it comes to visiting the dentist, you know you are supposed to schedule an appointment for a regular cleaning and checkup twice a year. Regular appointments are essential to protecting your oral health from damage. In addition, it allows us to detect oral complications early to prevent the problem from becoming worse. As a Nashville dentist, we understand many are not able to visit the dentist regularly due to the cost of care, especially those who are uninsured. To make going to the dentist easier, we offer discount dental plans for preventive care.

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